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January 09, 2013

See the Opportunities PCoIP Host Cards for Zero Clients Can Bring You

In this day and age computing is all about speed, accessibility, and ease of use. Though many have a list of their top requirements when choosing the right technology fit for their enterprise, they don’t know what product will bring them the most security, speed and ease of use.

The answer to many IT managers' problems is the implementation of PCoIP host cards for PCoIP Zero Clients. Tera 2240 Host CardThe first aspect of this solution, a Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client for Desktop Virtualization, increases productivity, speed, maximizes graphics and reduces energy costs. The second aspect of this solution is the Teradici host card which allows for a remote connection to the PCoIP Zero Client, this solution has top security, reliability and great ease-of-use. The combination of the both the PCoIP Zero Client and host card combination brings the user an unparalleled desktop experience and is also great for IT Managers in that the units are centrally managed and cut costs in many ways.

Why IT Managers choose Host Cards:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership by 50% (reduce IT overhead)
  • Zero software management (some hardware providers include FREE centralized management on units, 10ZiG Technology is one provider that includes the management utility free with purchase of any unit)
  • Enhances employee’s productivity
  • The PCoIP Zero Client uses 6 watts, compared to 100 watts from a PC
  • Allows for set up of satellite offices instead of physical workstations, eliminating the need for large office space

How do Host Cards for Zero Clients Help End-Users:

  • Tera 2220 Host Card Access your workstation from any location
  • Full back up on the server so no work gets lost due to power outages
  • No noise
  • Less clutter on the desktop, Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients measure 1.7”(W) x 5.8” (H) x 5.1”(D)

PCoIP host cards provide a solution to enhance the already robust Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client. The host card for Zero Clients takes VDI to the next-level by providing the user with a better VMview experience that is actually more true to an old style desktop.

The use of host cards for Zero Clients is ideal in industries including:

Movie production, Trading floors (the PCoIP Zero Client supports up to four monitors), Engineering, CAD, Medical imaging (exceptional graphics paired with security and remote access), Construction, Healthcare (zero security intrusions as data locked away at datacenter and now at the desktop) etc.

The host card solution functions with a PCoIP Zero Client seamlessly; the host card only delivers pixels of data across the LAN or WAN networks to any user while everything is stored in the data center. The host card includes the AES-256 and NSA Suite B security protocols for top security. Not only do these host cards for the Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client feature top security, but also top performance of 300 Mpps and rates up to 60 fps. The PCoIP host card solution seems to deliver an unreal desktop deployment after looking at all of the benefits it brings to your PCoIP Zero Client.

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