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October 25, 2019

Can You Really Prepare for a Firmware Update? 8 Ways That Say You Can!

10ZiG Firmware Update

Time for a firmware update? Software need upgrading? In the world of VDI, these situations come around more often than not – and more often than not, we are not really prepared. But the good news is that you can be! 10ZiG Technology gives you 8 different ways to think about and prepare for an “as-close-to-perfect” process that can spare you from undesirable setbacks.

Firmware Update Tips 1-4 Get You Going!

1) First things first! Have a clear idea of why you are upgrading. Updating endpoint firmware – why? Do you need to fix a problem? Or, does your company just want the latest and greatest of what is available? Define your task or goal.

2) Should you consider budget? More than likely, an endpoint firmware update is not going to cost you or your company anything, unless the work/upgrade is planned outside of production hours and may possibly involve some overtime. FYI - management software for VDI should be FREE and therefore cost nothing also.

3) Do your homework. If the firmware upgrade isn’t going to fix your problem or upgrade your features, why bother? Check firmware release notes in detail to see what is offered and if it will be viable in your environment. Don’t go into an update with blinders on, just because it’s officially the “next upgrade.”

4) Call or email Tech Support before there is a problem. What? But you haven’t even done anything yet! That’s exactly the point. Connect with your Tech Support team. Maybe you need to clarify firmware update release notes? Do you have a combination of newer and older endpoints? Better to make that call now to prevent any potential problems and talk through your Proof of Concept.

10ZiG Firmware Upgrade

Firmware Update Tips 5-8 Get You There!

5) So, you’re ready to start? Keep what you have protected and up-to-par. This is particularly important when it comes to any software such as a centralized management software utility. Seemingly standard practice, we do want to point out and recommend a full back-up on the back end prior to such an upgrade.

6) Assumedly a no-brainer but, deserves a reminder – do not cycle power or restart devices during a firmware update. It is a good idea to alert your end users about this if you end up doing the upgrade during production times/business hours.

7) Test the use-case firmware update on one singular device. Assess results, adjust if required, and move on. Then, set up a controlled environment of users as lab-deployment group-testing. The idea here is to try to simulate what the actual rollout will be like – but on a much, much smaller scale. Assess results, adjust if required, and move on.

8) When testing phases are satisfactory and have met your expectations, roll out a full deployment to other users and entire departments. This is where your centralized software management utility can assist with automation features, in this case – a group automated firmware update.

10ZiG Can be Your Best Friend For Firmware Updates

If you’re still unsure as to how to prep for a firmware update or upgrade your VDI environment in general, well – that’s just one more reason to get to know 10ZiG Thin Clients & Zero Clients. Our quick response to firmware releases with equally fast firmware updates is as important to us as it is to you. We offer transparency in our Tech & Firmware Notifications and can assist anywhere in the world with the best support from seasoned and certified VDI Technicians.

You can trust our FREE 10ZiG Manager centralized software to automate and manage, reducing endpoint and overhead costs, and rely on our market-leading guaranteed warranty, including advanced replacement, support, and upgrades. Plus, 10ZiG Sales & Customer Service teams are dedicated to making product fit into your environment, not the other way around.

Hassle-free, flexible, no-obligation, FREE Thin & Zero Client demos are available and ready for testing > DEMO. For a no-charge consultation as to which Thin or Zero Client demo is best suited for your environment, please contact sales@10zig.com.