10ZiG & Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, a fully-managed desktop virtualization solution on the Azure public cloud-computing platform is now fully supported with 10ZiG Technology.

Windows Virtual Desktop and its ground-breaking feature of providing the only multi-session Windows 10 experience for desktop virtualization, is a complementary fit with 10ZiG Linux (NOS™) and Windows 10 IoT based Thin & Zero Client Endpoints and The 10ZiG Manager™ Enterprise Software... creating a perfect virtual desktop experience in the Cloud.


10ZiG Technology, with cutting-edge Thin & Zero Client hardware and software, is a longstanding partner with Microsoft and integrates with Microsoft Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop. 10ZiG Linux (NOS™) and Windows 10 IoT based Thin & Zero Client Endpoints are powerful, reliable, and affordable endpoints for all Windows Virtual Desktop multi-users. The 10ZiG Manager Software provides exceptional management and deployment without license limitations at no additional cost. The 10ZiG Tech Team, Advance Warranty Program, and no-hassle Demos are a one-stop shop as a Windows Virtual Desktop multi-session support solution in the Cloud.

10ZiG’s world-market leadership in Thin & Zero Client endpoint devices and management software for virtual desktops is exemplified by how we work for our customers. Our Thin & Zero Client hardware comes with thoughtfully constructed benefit features and options designed to ensure customers receive the right Client devices based on their needs. We customize our devices to fit into customer environments with Linux (NOS™) and Windows 10 IoT based Clients that provide the best possible performance in virtual desktops, both in and out of the Cloud.

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